Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Night

Child is asleep, dogs are asleep, horses are grazing......finally it is peaceful. Tomorrow we will be demoing and I finished cutting music a couple of hours ago. I tend to like to do demos a bit 'on the fly' without a great deal of planning when it comes to choreography. More fun for the dogs and more fun for me...
Tilly and Flaggy will be going with us to dance.
A few updates on how they are doing. At our event in March I chose to not compete with Flag. I decided he needed more seasoning and training before I shoved him out in the ring....but I did dance with him at the benefit banquet. He was very good and I enjoyed him but was very glad that I had waited to compete with him. A few weeks later I did compete with him in Denver and he won his HTM class the first day with a qualifying score and was second the next day without qualifying but I knew that he still needs a lot of training before i want to go back into the ring with him. he is just too nice of a pup to rush.

Tilly has really started to come into her own while competing. At our event she won her division each day and was high scoring herding dog and high scoring artistic dog each day. Best of all she really has started enjoying being in the ring competing. It has been a long road- but I am am relieved that all of the positive training that she has received has finally started to really pay off. Next month we travel to Tulsa try and finish her first Championship- a pairs routine in which we get to be pirates....

Tango has just been allowed to be a puppy. Playing and running wild, he is confident, brave and afraid of nothing. What an amazing performance dog he will be!

We are starting to do a lot more demos now. It was time to cut back a bit on competing and focus on giving back to the community and various non profit groups. We have several lined up over the next few weeks.

In July I will be traveling to South Africa to judge their Championships. It would be fun to really explore and sight see while I am there- but I really did not want to be away from home for too long and my job requires me back as soon as possible- so I will spend about 24 hours getting there, stay for about a week and then head home, traveling another 24 hours to get back.

So once again, when asked about how I am doing, I focus on how the animals around me are doing. It makes sense I guess....they give me strength and purpose. But one of these days I am going to have to dig even deeper...

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