Saturday, May 14, 2011


The last time that I posted it was snowing. The last time I posted I was just starting my new job. The last time that I posted we were looking forward to our big March event. The last time I posted I was still making excuses about taking care of my own health concerns.

Well now we have had 90+ degree days. I am still working at my new (and my old) job. We had our March event and it was a roaring success- and we are now planning next year's event. And of course I am still ignoring my own health issues.

It is Saturday afternoon. I was exhausted after a week of working at my regular day job and then spending two nights mare staring at my night job. Mare staring is self explanatory- I literally stare at a mare or mares all night because they are getting ready to foal. I take this part of my job very seriously. I watch very expensive mares that are carrying very expensive babies inside of them. Mares can be very sneaky- they will foal after you have been watching them for 11 hours when you leave to use the restroom for a moment.

In the many years that I have been working I have yet to miss a baby. I set up my chair outside their stalls and I read to them, play quiet music, feed them treats and make friends with my mares. So most of them are pretty happy to let me be there while they are foaling.

But I digress....

So I spent today cleaning the sun porch. One thing I cleaned off of the sun porch was our pony (Woody) who likes to come inside and eat cat food crunchies. The dogs used to bark at Woody- now they ignore him. But the cats do not like Woody eating their food and the sun porch is really small so Woody had to go while I was cleaning.

Woody came to us about three years ago. I had rescued Gussy, my old white gelding and he was being treated terribly by my horses. I thought Gus could use a friend and someone told me about Woody. I was told that he was a 19 year old mini horse gelding. But when we got out there to pick him up I saw right away that he was still a stallion. The lady giving him up said that if I did not take him she would send him down to Lion Country to be used for food. So Woody ended up coming home with me.

Too old to geld safely, he was good with Gussy, but Gus still likes being with the other horses in the pasture. And while I could turn everyone- including Woody- out together, Woody decided that he loved my mare Splash and went crazy when anyone else got near 'his' mare. And he would just run himself into a terrible state when they were out together. So now he and Splash live together in the front pasture and it is a great deal more peaceful around here.

But even this is digressing. Cleaning the sun porch, editing music for a demo tomorrow and taking a short nap helped get me over having worked two 30 hour shifts this week (day to night to day). Tomorrow we (me, TillyB and Flaggy) will be demoing at an event here in Edmond that raises money for hurt and injured animals.

So the big question- when will I start to address my health? When will I feel it is time to start taking care of myself as well as I enjoy taking care of others? When will I feel I am worthy of living my life to the fullest?

Who knows......

But if I can just keep writing maybe I will figure it out.

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