Monday, February 21, 2011


I wish I was one of these people who get up in the morning, go to their 9-5 job, are home every night and take their weekends off. But as a single Mom who has lots of activities with her dogs and horses, that is just not a possibility.
We really only can get by financially if I work two jobs, so last month I started working part time during the day at a small animal clinic. Small- because the animals are smaller than the horses that I care for at night while at the large animal clinic, but small also because it is a one doctor smallish in nature hospital. Clear as mud?
Working two jobs means I need to be more organized and on top of things at home since I am not there as much to be able to do things. Weekends are spent cleaning, straightening, doing yardwork and training dogs. I have to make my time count for more things.
Starting this week I flip my jobs. I was full time at night and part time during the day, but then I was asked to start fulltime days so I changed to part time nights. Still clear?
And in less than a month we have our big event here in Oklahoma City. TillyB and I will be competing, Flag will be performing each day (but not competing) and Tango and Lilly will be along for the ride.
Working 60 hours a week means that I have less time to get ready for the event. I tend to do things like work on the program and running order at 3 in the morning. Sometimes this makes for interesting copy that I write. I always make sure that I have the competitors check their entries- because, as I said, I did it at 3 in the morning- so you never know.
My day job will be 8-6 with a two hour lunch and I will be using this time to go back into the gym and work out. I belong to the Y but never seem to have the time to get there. When I get off work I just want to go home. And before work I am just busy doing other things. So I am hoping (today is the first day of the new schedule) that I can make this work. The gym bag is packed and in the truck- so I have no excuses as of right now.
But as you may have gathered by now- when it comes to my own health I am the Queen of excuses. There is always a dog needing trained, a child needing time, a nap needing to be taken, a house needing cleaned that takes precedence over my own health needs.
I watch the Biggest Loser on tv and I am so envious- being able to take days, weeks and even months for some contestants just to focus on themselves and their health issues. That is beyond what I can imagine.
But today perhaps my schedule will adjust so that there is a block of time where the gym makes the most sense.
I also watch the Amazing Race and imagine being healthy enough to participate. I keep thinking that when I lose my weight and can run for a couple of miles without stopping (HAH! at this point I can run about 50 feet) then I want to be on the show.
But for now I need to go back to the baby steps that I have been looking at.
So this particular post is even boring me now- so I guess I will get ready for work.