Sunday, September 5, 2010

Still Struggling

It was so easy when I first started my diet and my blog......and then I just fell off track. Nothing really changed, nothing bad happened, nothing was the apparent cause of the detour, but off I fell.
So I have just been plugging along. I worked a couple of extra shifts for a friend at work, Kaity got sick and had to stay home from school and then I got bored and painted my bedroom with a can of mis-tinted paint that has been sitting on the sun porch for about a year now.
My bedroom used to be sage green and cream. It is a very small bedroom as we have a very small house. Living with a dozen dogs, a teenager who loves to wash her hair and put on makeup plus all of the art work and antique furniture pieces I have collected over the years makes it a pretty tight squeeze in 900 square feet, but we do it....and do it pretty well.
The main part of our house was built over 100 years ago. Then in the fifties, an addition was added to it that brought the grand total up to the 900 square. We have just one very small bathroom that is only 4x8.....the size of a sheet of plywood. Our closets in the bedrooms are only 18 inches wide- so in essence, no closets at all- so we converted one of the small bedrooms into a closet and storage room.
But I digress.......oh that is right....the painted bedroom saga........
So to reiterate, it used to be sage and cream. It is an L shaped room with lots of windows. I think that it probably used to be the drawing room when the house was first built. When I moved in the walls were covered with this sort of press board paneling that had been glued onto the walls. It took a couple of weeks of scraping with a chisel and hammer to get it all off and ready for painting. Under the paneling was a couple of layers of very old wallpaper that was equally as stubborn about giving up the cause.
I started out by painting the walls cornflower blue- which I really loved. But about a year later I saw a great bedroom that was a deep chocolate brown with cream accents. I decided to repaint and keep my blue and cream accents. And it was fine- but this is not a house that embraces that sort of look, so a year later I painted the inside walls of my 'L' shaped room sage and the other 4 walls a cream and then added red accents.
It has been fun- but I was ready for another change.
A year ago I purchased a $5 can of mis-tinted paint that was called cantaloupe. And the paint dot appeared to be a light melon color. I have been using it to prop open the door of the sun porch for the cats for this entire year. So I decided to put it to better use (do not worry about the cats, I have found another doorstop to allow them free access).
Now, as I watch some of the design shows I realize that the proper way to paint a room is to empty it of all furniture, artwork, curtains, etc,..... but when you have a 900 sq ft house there is not a lot of options for even moving something around temporarily. Plus, I am an immediate gratification person (see earlier blog i.e. weight loss problems) and want to get started painting RIGHT NOW!
So I pushed things to one side just far enough for me to get in on my step stool and paint. I decided to leave the two sage walls alone since my curtains are also sage and I really love them.
That left the outside 4 walls.
Now keep in mind I had just worked 7 out of the past 9 days of 13 hour shifts. That is 117 hours in a little over a week. And they had not been easy nights. An emergency almost every night. So perhaps I should be cut some slack for not thinking through the ramifications and eventual outcome of taking a can of essentially orange paint and combining it with sage green walls and curtains. Oh yeah....and I have black bookcases and a black iron headboard. is like living in a giant pumpkin in my room right now. Kaity said 'Oh Mom- it looks just like Halloween in here'! Not exactly what I had in mind....but I am actually going to live with it for awhile and see if I can just start to think of it as the color of my favorite season of Fall.

Trained dogs yesterday. I have a couple of amazing greyhounds and their equally amazing owners in Saturday class. These are rescued dogs and they are so gentle and loving. I can see why the people in greyhound rescue are so passionate about this breed. This dogs are truly the perfect therapy dogs for assisted living and hospital visits. They want nothing more than to be loved and touched. Hmmmmmm sounds like what most people want.....yes- the perfect combination.

Then I worked TillyB, Flag-puppy and Spur. Actually I worked Tilly and Flag and mostly played with Spur. Kris and her Beagle Brigade came to join us and we worked out the choreography needed for our pairs routine in two weeks. I have seen a lot of pairs routines during my years of judging, but I have to say I really love our routine. It is fun and exciting to do and I love the costumes and music (we are pirates). There are a couple of new behaviors that I have to teach Tilly in the next two weeks, but the weather is cooler now for training and I have faith in her to pick up the new moves.

Then I played/worked with Flag-puppy. He has started losing his baby teeth this week and is also starting to lose that puppy look. Kris asked me yesterday what breed do I really think that he is? I told her that I am not really sure. I know that he is supposed to be an Aussie (full) but he sure is not a very pretty one. But he has a lot of personality and drive and I am very excited about his future as a freestyle dog. He worked well yesterday and in two weeks he will make his debut (at the grand age of 4 1/2 months) during the Show and Go at the freestyle competition here in Oklahoma. I will do both days with him and I have selected the music 'I Can Show You The World' from Aladdin for one day and 'The Wizard And I ' from Wicked for the 2nd day. I also plan to let the girls (Kaity and Lucy) play with him in the ring while we all clap and cheer for him to get him used to lots of excitement in the ring. I want this puppy to thrive on applause!

Next up was Spur. He ha now lived with us for three weeks. He is recovered from surgery (although he has another smaller tumor on his throat that I will have taken off in a few weeks) and is an amazing dog. He just loves people so much. He is rather a clumsy boy, but he has also gained 17 pounds since we got him. He seems amazed that we have 'magic' food bowls here that always are filled with things to eat. Free feeding is not a great way to go when it comes to training performance dogs, but with the number of dogs we have here it makes for a lot easier life style.

Spur just had a ball playing yesterday. He now has learned that he loves to weave and while he has not grasped that the heelwork is a position, he knows that he just loves to trot next to me which is good enough for now. He has a really hard time going in a circle (spinning) and his hind end tends to go out from under him when he tries to follow a lure even really slowly so I doubt that this move will be in his future. But I will keep doing it slowly so as to help build up his hindquarters and hip muscles. I just love this dog more than I can say.......

So that is how my week has gone. Bought a rice steamer and a bunch of brown rice. Bought veggies and fruit and ready to step back on track. I will be at the gym and in the pool on Tuesday (they are closed until then). Today is a lazy day of catch up, tomorrow is a day at the races and watching the All American Futurity on the television.

And tonight is another night of sleeping in the great pumpkin bedroom.

But I am thinking that if a plain orange pumpkin can become a princess carriage and 4 white mice can become 4 white horses then maybe my life can become my own again.........

Thanks for listening, I appreciate all of your kind words and thoughts,

Laura....still heading back to the right track.....

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