Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mama said there'd be days like this.....

Just to get it over with right off the bat, I weighed in this morning and I have not lost any weight this week. Didn't gain any, but did not lose any. While intellectually I can process this in my head, it is still a bit of a disappointment. I know that while I am going through this journey I will have weeks where the scale does not move- better than going upwards certainly, but still not the outcome each week that I would hope for.
Oh well.....shaking it off.....

So no photo this week. I figure that you can just scroll down and look at last weeks since nothing has changed.

The easiest thing would be to just stop writing today. After all, I have been writing from a place where I knew each day that I weighed less than I had the day before. And even though it was never a lot less, it was still less. And while this weight felt pretty good last week based on the results of the week before that, all of a sudden this week's does not feel very good.

But if I stop writing every time I have a setback or a disappointment then what good is it to continue this blog? Nobody can expect to be on top every day and this is not going to be an exception to that rule.

I registered Kaity for school yesterday. This probably sounds like a routine event, but for the students in Kaity's class it is a really bid thing. You see this will be the first time any of the high school students in our little town will actually have a high school to go to. Four years ago during an ice storm a power line broke and landed on Jones High School. Before anything could be done it burned to the ground. It was so cold that the firemen could not get any water on the fire because it froze as soon as it left the hoses. Kids lost everything in their lockers, the teachers lost all of their teaching supplies, they books in the library were gone forever and the town of Jones was changed forever.

I suppose that most towns and cities would have just bussed the kids to another school and rebuilt the old one right away. But we live in a town of less than 2000 people and the high school only has about 200 students in grades 9-12. So it was not very high up on the priority list for any agencies.

But a couple of years ago the ground was broken for the new school. And this year the students will not have to walk between churches and trailers around town to be able to go to class. They have lockers for their coats and books instead of having to carry everything with them. And when it is pouring down rain or snowing they will be inside instead of getting soaked all day as they walk from class to class during the day.

And let me tell you- that school is beautiful. It is a credit to all who had a part in designing and building it. The students have a real stage to perform their concerts and plays on. Last year they sang at a very small local church. And their school play was done in a warehouse building on some plywood set up on blocks for a stage.

I know this because my daughter Kaity was given a part in the play and sang at the concerts. Now again, this probably does not seem like a very big accomplishment to many, but Kaity is mentally disabled. She cannot really remember any line in a play, so the teacher made up a part for her that allowed her to be on stage quite a bit without saying anything. She played a character who could not talk, and she carried a small white board with simple one or two word comments on it. When she was nudged she would hold the board up. She had a ball. The kids got together and helped her with her hair and makeup.

And she has sang in the last two concerts that the choir has performed in. She tapes the songs that she is supposed to sing and she practices them night and day to learn them. At the last concert she introduced me to some of the other students. They have been amazing to her.

Life is a series of trade offs. If we lived in a bigger town or city she probably would have had a school the past few years. But I do not think that if we lived in a larger town that she would have been given the special care that has surrounded her from her classmates and teachers. Except for one small incident back in the 6th grade she has never been teased or made to feel any less about herself because of her limitations. I never worry about what happens at her school because I know that everyone there is taking good care of her. It is a very special school filled with really special students and teachers. They have earned that new bright shiny school.

So that is it for weight loss, no new photo, just my life as it is. And it is good.

Thanks everyone, I appreciate your encouragement,

Laura....who didn't lose any weight this week.......but gained more insight....


  1. I am at an impasse too-I think I need a formal program-maybe weight watchers online....I need structure-but not another meeting to go to. Does that make any sense at all?

    I miss school-not high school but college-working towards a common goal. Maybe weight loss can be a new common goal-and probably more useful than half of what we learned in school.

  2. What a wonderful school and show of support. Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Debra-

    I thought that I needed a formal program (I even talked to people at my church about trying to start something there)but so far I feel pretty good about working through things for the world to see and talking to my friends about what I am going through. For me I think that I am able to write things that I would not feel comfortable enough to ever talk about with others. Let me know if I can be of help or just be a diet buddy for you. Laura