Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Starting Somewhere

Since I am not sure where I need to start in order to be successful in this journey I guess I will just start.
I have 160 pounds to lose. I started yesterday. I have lost 1/2 pound. I guess that means I have 159 1/2 to lose- but the way I go up and down I may have put that 1/2 pound back on already.

I have four dogs that need training. I actually have 13 dogs- but 9 of them are old enough that they just want to lay around and sleep. So I have four that I need to be able to schedule individual time for training agility, rally, obedience and freestyle.

I have five horses. They ALL need training time. Not sure how I can do that at my age- but I will figure something out. None really care about being trained- they like grazing together in the pasture. But they really should have some sort of job.

I have a teenage daughter. Kaity just turned 17. She is mentally disabled and has some pretty strong health issues. She is easily the most important and best part of my life.

I have five cats. They know how to catch mice, use the litter box, eat and enjoy being held and petted. None of them need any further training.

One of my dogs TillyBelle has many freestyle titles. I want to finish her Championships in three different divisions. She likes agility better and has her first agility competition July 31-Aug 1. She is not really ready to win- but I know she will have fun going. I need to lose a lot of weight before I will be able to run fast enough to be successful in agility. I need to lose at least 100 pounds to feel comfortable running again. 99 1/2 to go.

We have a new puppy named Flag. I rescued him on the 4th of July out of a barrel in a guy's back yard. He cost me $25. He now is very active and has very sharp teeth. I have not had a puppy in almost a decade. I mostly rescue adult dogs. Right now he is asleep in his crate. I know that he is just storing up energy to tear something else up.

I have a Poodle named Twist. I got him at Petsmart. He is very smart and very energetic. He had been a stray for many months as he avoided capture. He is still very good at keep away which is bad for dog sports. We are still working on it. My goal from him would just be to feel that he had a reliable recall and safe at competitions. May never happen- but we keep working at it.

I have a horse named Gussy that I rescued a year ago. He was just so defeated and skinny that I could not leave him where he was. Gussy was very afraid of people back then. Now he loves me and I enjoy just watching him eat. I want to be able to ride him and feel comfortable. I need to lose 50 pounds before I am willing to even get on him. 49 1/2 to go.....

I know that it will be a very long road to recovery. I know that I am really buried deep deep inside of me. I am not completely sure that I can even find where I buried myself. But I am willing to start digging.

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