Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's the little things that count......

Every Saturday morning on my way home from work (about 7 am during non-breeding season at the clinic) I stop and do some grocery shopping. This morning I went in to the McDonalds inside the store to get my normal diet drink and the cashier asked me what I was doing to lose weight.
No mind you, I have only lost six pounds and on me six pounds is should I put is like me taking a bucket out to Lake Union in Washington, taking a pailful out and saying 'look I'm emptying the lake'.....however I must at least look somewhat healthier for her to notice.
So I thanked her profusely- I will take praise anytime!

Watching the Tevis Cup closely on the web cast. Tevis is considered the granddaddy of all equine endurance races. 100 miles in 24 hours over some of the toughest terrain you can imagine. One of my dear friends Jill Carr is riding in it. Jill has lost well over 100 pounds in the past few years and gone from not being able to ride comfortably at all to being a premiere endurance rider with her trusty mule Walker. The Tevis has been on her bucket list for awhile now and I feel like I am riding each mile with her. Jill is an inspiration to me and I hope that she knows that.

A high school classmate wrote to me this week to share his journey with health and weight loss. He said some wonderful things and it meant a great deal to me. Everyone needs all of the praise and support that they can get in this world and I sure appreciate all that I am being given!

Heading off to train the dogs this afternoon and then home for dinner and an early bedtime. I switched my schedule around a bit so that I could run agility next weekend and then forgot and agreed to work for a friend of mine tomorrow night. No weekend for me.......

Added some good simple carbs this week. That really low card idea was not a great one for me. So I have added some more vegetables and cherries/blueberries to the diet. Swam again yesterday and it was as wonderful as the day before. I do love the water......indoors warm pool water......

Off to train dogs....thank you for reading this and all of your thoughtful encouragement.


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