Sunday, July 18, 2010

Five Days and Counting

Made it through the weekend. We had a barbecue at church today and it was pretty tough- but since I am eating low carb I just ate two of the hot dogs without the buns. Came home and talked to a couple of close friends on the phone. Also I reconnected with an old friend on facebook. So all in all it was a pretty wonderful day.
This one is short- but I am tired and more than a bit hungry so I want to get to sleep before I head for the refrigerator.......
Joining the Y this week so that I can start swimming again.
Weigh in and photo for facebook day after tomorrow. I am not sure that it is not just wistful thinking- but I feel thinner and more alive than a week ago.....
Bye for now.....


  1. I'm following you on facebook too-you are doing great. I've got horses to ride and dogs to run too.
    I'm Moon, Molly and Solo's mom-Casper is my horse.

  2. Hey- just want to suggest that you don't go to bed hungry or spend any amount of time hungry or craving food. That's the best thing about a low carb lifestyle is that you can eat ALL the food you want, it just has to be high in fat and low in carbs. When I first started I ate so much chicken I thought was going to start clucking. But I kept myself FULL! As a filler, I drink alot of Powerade Zeroes- they're cheap, have alot of vitamins and make me feel good. A low carb diet is designed for you to eat all you want so don't let yourself go hungry- too risky!